Marc Angeli and Ronald Dagonnier

Curator : Philippe Braem

19816 Rue du Palais

Nature has an important place in the serene and monochrome painting of Marc Angeli. On carefully selected wooden supports, he mixes pigments with pollen, resin, honey, rabbit skin glue, olive oil or wine.

And time is ripening.

Ronald Dagonnier focuses on digital art, which often dramatically denounces the abundance of images and the dictatorship of algorithms. In a new project, he reworks the conflicting dialogue between the Hal 9000 computer and the astronaut Bowman from Space Odissey 2001. In previous artworks, he confronts the viewer with an indigestible maelstrom of images.

And time flies.

At first glance, Ronald Dagonnier’s digital art seems diametrically opposed to Marc Angeli’s quiet and timeless artwork.

In this antizenithal (expression invented by Ronald Dagonnier) artwork, time, shaped by a series of LEDs, scrolls like the passage of the sun’s rays casting their shadows along Marc Angeli’s artwork.

It is only when the sun has set that Dagonnier’s intervention becomes clearly visible. Angeli’s meditative painting finds a surprising accomplice in Ronald Dagonnier’s infratemporal installation.



Philippe Braem