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Cathy Alvarez Valle

Curator : Marjorie Ranieri

12114 Rue de la Sirène

Past childhood memories emerged from the encounter between Marjorie Ranieri and Cathy Alvarez…

The lightness in a silk square that we carry with us

The freedom to be with oneself, our loved ones…

The solidity of the relationships, the transmission, the memory

The beauty of travelling, escaping,

contemplating landscapes

The suspended moment of the lonely swimmer,

Observed in the mountain side during a steep walk when the ground beneath our feet was soft and full of this humus that is so peculiar to the forest memories of travel picnic…

These images are a hymn to liberty, to lightness…

To the happiness of shared moments,

To the treasures gathered along the way.

These objects are memorial traces ;

Picnic tablecloth, silk square,

Household linen with which we treat these precious moments.

Still travel, better days…

Summer, feeling the heat around us and

A light breeze shaking the tree leaves…


Cathy Alvarez & Marjorie Ranieri