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Champ de rosaces


Jean-Baptiste Janisset

Open call

79Rue Jamin Saint-Roch

Jean-Baptiste Janisset’s artistic practice consists in casting sculptures and votive monuments that he finds in all regions of the world, but particularly in southern regions, from Africa to Corsica. He doesn’t espouse the great History of statuary as Jean-Marie Appriou would : he reveals it. In that, he is a passer – one would maybe call him a shaman in another region of the globe – just as much as an archeologist like an archeologist was seen in the 19th century.

His medieval aesthetics is intensified by the use of lead, alchemical material, both unpredictable and rich in imperfections. In the manner of Pattern and Decoration artists, he travels and rediscovers spiritual roots in extra-occidental cultures (Senegal, Japan…). These roots enable him to transcend occidental rationality visually.


Charlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani