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Émile Hermans

Curator : Alicja Melzacka

78Hôtel de la Cour de Londres 40 Rue Hors-Château

Crystal balls watching us. Watching after us. Seeing into the future. Seeing to that the future is secure(d). The most probable scenario is the chosen scenario. The observer affects the outcome of the experiment. Magical algorithms are Just irresponsible feedback loops. We need someone constantly telling us everything is going to be ok. Magic-8 ball for president ! « The future is certain, it is the past that is unpredictable. » How does surveillance relate to quantum physics relate to magic ? Self-regulating societies and self-fulfilling prophecies. Empty bubbles inflated by empty promises. Is it a game of luck or skill ? This Ii how you’ll die according to your zodiac sign. Does foreseeing something make it so ? The only difference between coincidence and fate is belief, I believe. « Two rocks do not make a duck. » But three rocks make for a sign. Except when they don’t ? It’s improbable but not impossible. Seeing signs where they weren’t inscribed doesn’t make them any less meaningful. It’s all about belief. Perhaps the belief itself is what makes the work.



Camellia Czajka