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Le vestiaire


Camille Peyré

Artist selected as part of the open call

34185 Rue de la Cathédrale

Handmade uniform collections. Variable-sized textile installation. Mop, newspaper, survival blanket, sponge, towel, sandpaper, protective tarp, receipt, clothesline.

The uniform is a regulated and contractual garment, a profound marker of social class in the hierarchy of labor. Le vestiaire is a collection of handmade work uniforms. For the design of each uniform, I use a material that directly relates to the working tool of the respective profession. I divert the work tool to question its function and utility. This project explores the status of modern workers, their alienation and invisibility, using their clothing as a reference and symbolic object. To address this topic, I decide to reproduce these processes of subordination by creating a corpus of time-consuming pieces to produce. I get to work, performing this task that involves repetitive movements. It’s a way to break down and counterfeit the temporality of work.

Camille Peyré