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Alexiane Le Roy

Curator : Céline Eloy

3343 Rue de la Cathédrale

Questioning the mundane, revealing invisible skeletons, reversing the status of things… These are some elements that punctuate Alexiane Le Roy’s practice. The artist is interested in the fragility of architecture, and more generally in what constitutes urban space. She explores buildings as one might explore the human body: by scrutinizing it beyond what is visible. From this meticulous observation, she reinvents structure-installations that reflect what surrounds us.

Alexiane Le Roy has focused primarily on the frameworks that invisibly support the walls. These metal tie rods, whose solidarity is made possible through facade anchors, rectify the structural weaknesses of certain architectures. Here, these frameworks stand in balance in space and become full-fledged sculptures. They traverse the inside of the shop window just as they traverse buildings.

If they no longer support the wall slopes, the exposed structures do not lose their function. They erect before our eyes explorations around urban textures that overlap beneath our feet. Lines and almost abstract strata overlap on the ground with varying degrees of opacity to plug the faults that emerge from the asphalt. The orthogonality of sidewalks and cobblestones confronts the fluidity of certain organic materials that infiltrate the interstices.

Both controlled and out of control, the recreated urban space plays with thickened transparency and fluid rigidity. It connects mundane elements to each other, thereby prompting a new perspective on these “seeming” little things that make up the city we traverse.

Céline Eloy