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Sarah Lauwers

Artist selected as part of the open call

33329 Rue de l'Université

With “Cityscape” Sarah Lauwers presents a 2D platform game made of ceramic elements in a tactile installation.


The game investigates the relationship between video,

clay and vulnerability. It explores the tactility

of objects in a digital universe and the fragility

of attention in an ever-changing, stimulating

environment, here symbolized by the city.


We see the spider’s body present in the city.

It moves. The player sets the pace and focus.

Along the way, emojies await as modern-day fortune tellers.

Are their musings about presence read or

does the player become absorbed in the codes of the platform game?


The gameplay runthrough plays in a loop in the vitrine. Through a qr-code visitors can download the game on their android device. This way they can play the game themselves and take the artwork with them.