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Open closet archive 1995/2021/2023/2024


Bo Stokkermans

Curator : Arthur Cordier

346Passage Lemonnier, 37-39

After a long period of living without a permanent residence, I felt a big need to get an overview of all the objects that were connected to me, to look at (my) history and relate to it in a material way. The things I carried around daily, the things I saved and might never let go of, but also the things I already forgot that were part of my life, so when I settled with no end in mind, I emptied the storages and all of the big bags to create this overview. The ‘open closet archive’ is thereby a registration and index of all my belonging in 2021.

The objects change, the contexts change, the time has changed.

There is often a lot of space for interpretation and authorship. The overview of these objects can be symbolic, very personal and relatable or just plain ordinary. It can tell you something about me, about yourself or about the objects themselves. But first, it has to be here.

Bo Stokkermans