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Mutations x Urbaines


Adrien Mans Benjamin Ooms

Laureate project of "Un Futur pour la Culture", launched by the Wallonia Brussels Federation, 2023-2024

34717 Rue des Croisiers

Urban x Mutations considers the practice of collage as a medium allowing us to question the urbanity of tomorrow.


The inherent link between a means for representation – the collage – and a topic – the urban mutations – generates a vision of the making of the city which is resolutely made by assembly, by layers, by stratum: by interdependence.


Refuting the tabula rasa as well as the ideology of “rebuilding everything”, the project explores the potential of a rewriting of the existing: of its valorization, its transformation and its adaptation so that it can offer new possibilities to its inhabitants.


It embraces a series of themes specific to our time: the redefinition of common places and goods, participation and the creation of links between inhabitants, circularity, the place of nature within the urban environment… or how, with minimum means, we could maximize the qualities of an existing biotope.


In the spirit of « exquisite corpses”, the collage also implies a shared narrative. The result is a series of images stimulating a collective imaginary around a territory.


The neighbourhood Chiroux is a starting point for considering, with enthusiasm and pragmatism, a multitude of possible scenarios and city appropriations, providing fragments of answer to the fundamental question: “how do we want our built environment and our community to be?”.


In a logic of urban acupuncture, Urban x Mutations is an invitation to act collectively and locally on global issues.