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Le temps d’une trace / La trace du temps


Florian Schaff Marvyn Brusson

Curator : BAL (Beaux-Arts de Liège)

3451 Rue Courtois

Florian Schaff will tell you he often wants to work ceramics when in a carpentry workshop… Could tools or materials swap purposes? His work seems to grow from such reveries. Which then consists of crafting seriously in non-serious ways: an unconventional use of tools and materials gives them a chance to tell something else. He draws from raw carving material and highlights the slow degradation of these materials. They become physical extensions of disappearance… The passage of the object in its track?

Time track

Marvyn Brusson will tell you he turned towards a contemplative vision of his work on time: his art installation showcased at the Liège Fine Arts department in the Botanique highlights the erosion process of materials. An Y-Tong block suspended above a blue stone carved in the shape of a bowl, a stream of water flowing endlessly through the block which ends its course in the blue stone’s pit… The viewer will witness this progressive swap between the full matter of the block and the bowl’s hollow. It also showcases the increasing pollution of natural stone by the residues of the white composite block…


Benoît Felix