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Hilal Aydoğdu

Artist selected as part of the open call

327100 Rue Saint-Gilles

To do:

□ to be his right fit

□ fulfill all his needs

□ show audacity

□ be able to manage his states of anxiety

□ bend over backward for him

□ step aside when you’re not useful

□ do housework = be his servant

□ be able to show 1% courage and 99% self-sacrifice

□    …

To do is the list of things to do to satisfy the needs of one’s husband and to forget one’s own.

The window allows us to gaze upon one of the most intimate spaces. The space of our social constructs, our childhood dreams or our nightmares as women, the bedroom.

Hilal Aydoğdu, with a master’s degree in drawing from the Fine Arts of Liège, has had several years of experience in performance art, further developed at La Cambre in Brussels.

Her artistic approach primarily aims to question the place of women within a male-dominated world. She proposes to engage with the mechanisms that work to establish a deleterious hegemony (namely, patriarchy) primarily through culture, by exploring the morbid lexicon of values and injunctions it conveys: honor, virginity, obedience.

Hilal Aydoğdu