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Pauvre petit belge qui tremble


Paolo Gasparotto

Artwork from the Uhoda collection

35125 Rue Saint Paul

In the course of the 1980s, Paolo Gasparotto developed a neo-expressionist style imbued with various influences, including German expressionism. Through his canvases, he deploys a gaze marked by humor and irreverence to address subjects related to the Liège and Walloon territory. The painting Pauvre petit Belge qui tremble approaches, in the same vein, the earthquake that shook the Liège region in 1983. A fault in the ground, buildings vibrating and swaying, the unleashed fury of the sky and nature, the panic of the citizens… The catastrophe is depicted with a quick and wild stroke. The title of the work, the vibrant colors and the overall treatment of the scene align with the artist’s characteristic impertinence.