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Wer rettet die Welt


Paul Waak

Curator : Bertrand Léonard

34916 Rue du Palais

Have you ever tried to perform Snow’s Informer at a spontaneous karaoke evening after a pure joint? A little tip: don’t even try! However, if you do succeed, you are welcome to contact me and I will present you with a trophy. Plus I would then put you on a talent level with one of the most incredible artist representatives of our time – Paul Waak. (By the way, that would be the real award!) Because if anyone can do something particularly well that most people can’t, and is also able to conjure up the believed impossible again and again to leave you refreshed, inspired and completely thrilled, then it’s him. Have you accidentally forgotten your glasses at home and suddenly found yourself at a vernissage? In his case, no problem at all, because even out of focus, a Paul Waak is a unique experience of a skillfully combined color spectrum. And if that’s not abstract enough for you, you can stroll home enchanted by Waak’s exciting reliefs and skillful surface structures, even drawings transferred into 3D that would left blinded with a pleasure. Paul Waak equals Happy End! Promised! The long-awaited rollercoaster ride of emotions is also played out in many different ways for the average consumer in Waak’s art experience in his outstanding subjects and their unique style and context symbioses. And you simply can’t say it any other way, but there really is no wish left unfulfilled here. Well then, why read when there is so much to enjoy!

Lucie Freynhagen