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Eva Mancuso

Curator : Maxime Moinet

3365 Rue Chéravoie

The Vapeurs evoke both those overpowering emotions that were said to make women faint, those humors that were said to rise from the uterine matrix to provoke hysterical fits, and the incense emanations that the priestesses of Apollo interpreted while speaking in place of the gods. I invoke these figures, both opposed and complementary, to question the weight given to words and to thwart the divisions between the intimate and the public, the sayable and the unsayable, the political and the domestic, the grandiose and the everyday, the important and the futile. By combining writing, performance and visual arts, I play with images of the occult, of what occults, and what reveals, in order to circulate a discourse from the private to the public, from the everyday to the spectacle, from the diary to the political slogan, from whisper to scream and from scream to whisper, never stopping it, never giving it a clear, determined status.


Eva Mancuso