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Davide Ghelli Santuliana

Open call

77Rue Jamin Saint-Roch

Giorgio Agamben said that nudity is defined negatively – by non-nudity – and, even more precisely, nudity is defined as the loss of the sacred vest. That is what happens in the Eden to Adam and Eve, and it could be argued that something similar occurs within the interiors of amateur pornography : they are defined by the loss of bodies and sexual intercourses. This is their nudity, which intertwines with the overexposure of bodies and sexual practices in mainstream pornography. This overexposure is reflected in the technical process used to obtain the images of the series Nude Interiors : every picture is the result of the superimposition of thousand of single still frames from porn videos. The outcome mimics a photographic long-exposure without being a « real » one, coming from a camera operated by a photographer. This effect is obtained thanks to the nature of the videos themselves : all of them were filmed from a fixed camera position. Whether those are webcameras, smartphones, cctv cameras, camcorders on a tripod or another kind of inexpensive device, the result is always the same : nude interiors, devoid of bodies.


Davide Ghelli Santuliana