Le caillou


Laurent Danloy

Curator : Maxime Moinet

1284 Rue de la Cathédrale

Travelling plastic artist… seeking all types of landscapes… inside, outside… as long as they match in a moment of creation. Painting, drawing, carving… are so many ways to skim through the possible. In his artwork, a great emphasis is placed on the accident : « I can let it be but also provoke it. It is an integral part of my work. »

Behind the resulting images… an oscillation, between two forces… dense, misty… between the top, the bottom… the detachment, the connection… But certainly this power to start from the visible to draw its hidden side from it. I think that Laurent Danloy here gives a meaningful trajectory to his work…

« In my way of working, I always start from reality. This reality can start from two curves from which I can detach myself very quickly. For me, reality is what I can see and touch. This being said, a feeling can be real. »

It is precisely when Laurent’s artistic work uncovers… in the deconstruction of this reality that shines a light on the invisible…

« I may very well film the inertia of a stone or paint a rock and have the impression that it levitates. »

« As a child, I was fascinated by the small car dealers where there was one car in the window. I used to wonder how they managed to insert such a large thing through the door. For this project, I started from this memory and to progress into the absurd or the poetry, I wanted to present something unsellable in a store window… ». (Laurent Danloy)

Sofie Vangor