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Marion Voegelé

Artist selected as part of the open call

32431a Rue de la Cathédrale

The scene takes place in the Land of Eternal Spring.

Barbie Manicure, Stéphi the Polly Pocket, and Nelly the Little Pony gathered for a picnic at the “Grande Prairie aux Fleurs”. They have rolled out a large pink and white gingham tablecloth and are enjoying strawberry cupcakes.

– So Stephi, what’s up? Still creating your total artwork? asks Barbie Manicure.

– Yes. I just finished my scrapbooking album and now I’m starting a new project. I want to build a large cathedral of bric-a-brac, of colorful pieces that would go in all directions…

– Oh! Is that why I saw you in the distance in the wasteland yesterday? Nellie asked.

– Yes, I was looking for wooden jumble to pick up, replied Stéphi.

– I love walking around there, we always find a lot of interesting things among the trash, it always gives me ideas, said Barbie Manicure, thoughtful.

– And then the path to get there is magnificent, the path lined with roses and tulips is splendid! adds Nelly.

– I wonder if I’m not going to decorate my pieces of wood with floral patterns, said Stéphi.

– Excellent idea, replied Nelly. Everyone loves flowers.

– Yes, for sure, said Barbie Manicure. Yesterday, I bought an orchid which I placed on the living room counter. All my clients are delighted: they tell me that it brings a real breath of freshness and serenity.

– I should go get my hooves manicured! Nellie said.

– Yes of course! I’m sure the folk daisy model would suit you perfectly, replied Barbie Manicure.

A light breeze came to stir the daisies that shone in the sun.

– Ah! Spring is truly my favorite season! Stéphi concluded.

Marion Manoir