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Wafel de Liège


Jannes Lambrecht & Mirthe Vermunicht

Artists selected as part of the open call

323100 Rue Saint-Gilles

Mirthe Vermunicht and Jannes Lambrecht came together to craft a unique and interactive homage to the centuries-old Liège waffle tradition. Their creation invites passers-by to participate in a tactile experience by pouring golden syrup over a waffle with their own hands, forging a tangible link to the rich history of this beloved delicacy. This fusion of art and gastronomy serves as a testament to their creative synergy and inventive spirit.


As a creator, Jannes Lambrecht (also known as Blikschade) focuses on immersive visuals and exploring the realms of retro and new technology. His diverse portfolio spans from captivating installations showcased at events like the Light Festival Ghent to crafting visuals for venues like Vooruit and Chinastraat, along with web development and numerous smaller projects. Jannes is also part of the Jean-Jacques Collective, mostly known for organising collaborative projects.


Mirthe Vermunicht is a visual artist with a background in graphic design, illustration, ceramics, and scenography. In her personal practice, she uses kitschiness, humour and memories to build worlds and tell stories. She likes to cross the border between art and handicraft.


Their different backgrounds make for an interesting and fruitful collaboration. Together, Mirthe and Jannes have crafted an immersive experience that not only pays homage to a culinary tradition but also exemplifies their dedication to artistry and innovation.