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Laure Forêt

Curator: Marjorie Ranieri

18529 Rue de l'Université

Using shades of color ranging from milky white to blood red, Laure Forêt works on various textures and materials (glass, metal, fabric, etc.) to suggest organic forms. Her work as a visual artist questions the body at the border between the intimate and the public, the visible and the invisible. The body as a place of suffering and pleasure. The skin as a landscape to explore through an intimate journey into the being.

The installation S’entrouvrir evokes an epidermal landscape that half-opens or closes. The skin is embodied by the superposition of Tiffany glass plates while the flesh can be observed in the crimson of a burnout velvet. It is simultaneously a barrier, a protection against the outside but also a zone of contact with the interior, a fragment of intimacy. It carries familiarity through a smell, a memory but can also become a border not to be crossed.

Epidermal layers are similar to geological layers. They hide an inner world that is similar to the richness of soil. Glass, sometimes opalescent, sometimes transparent, takes on various meanings. Delicate and translucent, it unfolds like a membrane that can bend or stretch but also crack and break.

The open wound is then revealed timidly. The fault unveils inner wounds while trying to hide them.


Marjorie Ranieri