Un paysage inconnu mais familier


Dayoung Jeong

Open call

2135 Place des Déportés

During my childhood, the computer became part of our homes and I grew up watching our daily lives change rapidly. I thus focus naturally on the boundary between the virtual world (a digital world) and the real world. By moving stories, gestures, visual images from the virtual world to the real world (and vice versa), I transform my psychological and physical experiences into artistic creation and I question myself and the story around me. I also try to find my own way of being and my place within the society.

Even if digital technology inspires me a lot for my subjects, I always create tangible pieces, often in an artisanal way, ultimately far from digital technologies. I often use glass and its expressions in my work. This is the influence of my grandfather, who was a glassmaker. The glass seems fragile, but also solid. Sometimes it reflects light and retains light as stage lighting would. They allow me to represent the fantasy adopted in our virtual world. For me, glass has thus become a way to express stories from the theatrical world I watch through my computer screen and that sometimes seems more real than the life in which I physically develop.

I have the feeling that the real world, seen through the virtual world, is a play. Having worked in a theater scenography team, I was also greatly inspired by the universe of stage. I thus found it interesting to create a scenic sphere in the exhibition space.


Dayoung Jeong