Robin Faymonville

Open call

13144 Rue Saint-Gilles

Beau désordre is an installation comprising a painting, a sculpture and a video. This artwork evokes the distortion and the transformation of our ways of illustrating and memorizing through contact with the digital world.

The combination of hardware components with organic elements invites us to approach with a new perspective the connections between the presumed natural world and the technological universe, which are too often opposed in binary thinking. The resin here performs a function of preservation, similar to embalming. The title of the installation refers to a sentence borrowed from Liege writer Eugène Savitzkaya and displayed in the form of video in the space :« Un beau désordre vaut mieux qu’une inerte ordonnance.«

Robin Faymonville graduated from the ENSAV-La Cambre visual arts school and holds a master’s degree in Philosophy. His practice swings between painting, performance or installation and explores the tensions between pictoriality and textuality.