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Collectif À VENIR Pauline Creuzé • Clément Davout • Léo Fourdrinier • Jung Huh• Marieve Pelletier

Open call

7020 Rue de l'Université

À VENIR is a collective of young artists who propose exhibitions that are inscribed in the urban fabric with the desire to connect art and city. Our artistic events set up in abandoned places, unoccupied commercial premises or pending districts. Showcase exhibitions spread out in this vacant interstice. They are visible from the street day or night and are designed for the passer-by, the expert, the wanderer.

Just as diffraction is the behavior of waves when they bump into an obstacle or an opening, the five artists of collectif À VENIR use the window to create a system of interferences in which each artwork, instead of interfering, combines with the others in a play of light and complementary colors. Small volumes are inscribed in the space according to an open scenario proposed by Jung Huh. As the latter couldn’t make the trip, Pauline Creuzé, Clément Davout, Léo Fourdrinier and Mariève Pelletier interpret his shapes. The window becomes a diffuse environment in which sculpture, painting, video and experimental photography combine. The slightest movement turns into a story linked to the emergence of the landscape or a sensation. Nearly abstract and transparent appearances aim to temper the light.


Collectif À VENIR