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Ondine Bertin

Artist selected as part of the open call

3044 Rue de la Cathédrale

When the headlights of a car disturb the darkness, we see behind the window a multitude of glowing eyes, all focused on the street. Distressing and fleeting glances that disappear once the light fades away.

WELCOMCOM offers an absurd and ambiguous story where the window becomes the scene of a silent party. The characters, a group of strange humanoids, seem to be awaiting, motionless, the arrival of a passerby. In their fixed smile, their intention remains ambiguous. Is it an invitation to join them or a well-designed trap?

The title WELCOMCOM refers as much to a welcome message as to an invitation to participate in their “ComCom” (the “communauté de commune” refers in France to the alliance of towns or villages in an approach of solidarity regrouping, often nicknamed “ComComs”). The window then becomes a portal to an unknown elsewhere and plunges us into a village party with bare houses where the moon and the lamppost merge.

A game of gaze is created with passers-by, who find themselves observed by the occupants of the shop window and disturbs the usual one-sided gaze of the window space.

Ondine Bertin displays a composite plastic universe in the form of hybrid spaces in which past, present and future intertwine and where reality and dreams coexist. Through absurd archaeology, she combines oneirism with contemporary art. This 2021 Brest Beaux Arts graduate develops a multidisciplinary practice at the crossroads of painting, sculpture and installation.

Ondine Bertin