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Chambre, vue


Pierre-Alain Poirier

Artist selected as part of the open call

32014 Rue de la Sirène

Pierre-Alain Poirier’s work centers on gestures of preservation, boxing or concealment, but also on the practice of regular writing. The artist aims to restore a narrative nature to the objects he produces while questioning the potential of the story, an intimate, common and fictional tale in the exhibition space. Oscillation between what is seen, promised, said and believed.

POP figures, beloved artists or writers and loved ones are summoned on the same level and enable him, like “distant stars”, to bring them into dialogue and build a personal sky which is anchored in our world. It is a matter of multiplying the interlockings or the productions: love, drama, idleness, rupture, fatigue, unproduction, through writing and the constitution of the semblance of a room, an empty scene which replays its signs: bed, headrest, curtains, pillows made of medicines or flowers. Setting or theater of a possible reconciliation between the space of writing and sculpture, that of the intimate and the display.