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Midnight Leaves


Bettina Marx

Curator: Marie-Claire Krell

31928-30 Boulevard d'Avroy

At night, eyes and hears paint their own landscape in blue, pink and purple shades. Bettina Marx captures these landscapes on fabrics, paper and wood, materials that form volumes but are nevertheless mobile. As a painter, she first moves across a surface, a surface on which she stacks up tiny elements. She paints abstract details that become denser and cover the entire surface. She discovers these fragments in the nocturnal landscape that surrounds her and transports them into the space through which the observers move. From abstract elements and surface details, autonomous vegetation emerges, a thicket of structures gets formed.

Bettina Marx accentuates the fragility of things and highlights the vulnerability of our world: in Midnight Leaves, fragility is the main subject. She knows how to poetically balance the minutiae of fragments to create a harmonious unity. In doing so, she is not only interested in the coherence of small elements in her pictorial installations but also in the broader interaction of all elements, whether concretely in the urban landscape or abstractly in our society. The work of the artist is an allegory of the connections and relationships that our world reflects in all its complexity and beauty.

Marie-Claire Krell