Niels-Jan Tavernier

Curation and scenography: Bertrand Léonard

220Place de la République Française, 23

Spaceships exhibit their skeletons like metallic fossils.

Giant and voluptuous warriors appear frozen, paralyzed and inaccessible.

Mutant knights with sharp shapes hesitate between tearing us apart and tickling us.

Pterodactyls, fighter planes and spaceships share the sky under the impassive eye of the T-rex and other Brachiosaurs.

We could not tell whether it is a past or future civilization.

Whether we gravitate in a parallel world or whether we dive into an intimate universe.

These representations, each symbol of power, violence and technology appear strangely sensitive and vulnerable.

These different historical or fantasized chronologies coexist thanks to this shared fragility.

Which brings us back to our own condition as a witness to the passing time(s).


Bertrand Léonard