Zoning gris, glaner la ville, vivre le bois


Jonathan De Winter

Curator : Maxime Moinet

20631B Rue de la Cathédrale

Demand from here to be a nowhere at a time.

A gray zoning, glean the city and experience the woods.

As an invective that would construct the moment, while denying time.

A place, its underside.

Potentiate, at least, a thousand possible universes.

Contemplate the absence of deserted places that resist,

And the constancies of the abandonments of the places visited too frequently.

Archaeology of the action of the constant site of our impossibilities, facing quiet agoras.

No-man’s-lands reclassified into terra incognitax

Indigenous urbex.

Vernacular architecture.

Toot, toot, toot… sound of the perpetual building site.

Loss of control.

Turning on randomness.

Execution of the sovereign disdain of the artist.

Space never doubts the legitimacy of the freedom of a free space.

Build the space, simply, as one breathes the time.

And see oneself anchoring presents.

Draw drawings in the scarified memories of imaginations, ink, ochre them.

On the buried plots of the squares in the fields, Lidar Angkor of the jungles.

Wild areas.

Reserves of natural car parks.

Tempered wood-steel, clean slate,



Olivier Chaltin