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Bram Van Meervelde

Curator: Alicja Melzacka

22244 Rue Saint-Gilles

Bram Van Meervelde (1991) lives and works in Antwerp.
While studying the Latin language as a college student and getting bad marks in mathematics, he decided to continue in the arts.

His interest in the arts was stimulated by his father and mother, both art lovers and collectors.
In 2010 Van Meervelde continued at the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp where he got his master’s degree in 2014.

During these studies, he enjoyed an Erasmus residency in Athens of six months. Intensified absorption and observation of the Greek life and culture resulted in a rich variety of works.

Van Meervelde never got rid of Athens and returned regularly to the warm and chaotic center of aesthetics.
From the age of 17 he participated in different group exhibitions like  ‘New Masters’ (2014, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, curated by Philip Aguirre), ‘Séries’ (2014, CAPS, Antwerp, curated by Paul Poelmans), ‘Traces of the present’,  [2015, Serifos Greece, curated by Eva Vaslamatzi and Danai Giannoglou], a duo show at Transit Gallery [2015, Mechelen], ‘Now Belgium Now’ [2016, Antwerp],’Terra Quadrata’, KEIV, [2017, Athens], Expo 2018, [2018, Antwerp, Curated by the District of Antwerp], Het Voorstel [2018, CC De Steiger, Menen, curated by Hans Martens].
His first solo gallery exhibition opened in October 2019 in Galerie Transit Mechelen.

He made several publications as limited editions and collaborated with other artists on a wide range of projects, including street art.

Van Meervelde likes to work in and with the specifications of a certain place, indoors and outdoors, legal and illegal. At first glance, his oeuvre looks like based on the banalities of life but at a closer look, his analysis could be very profound and fundamental.


Alicja Melzacka