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Uhoda Collection


Patrick Corillon

Artworks from the Uhoda Collection

30725 Rue Saint Paul


Patrick Corillon’s words are ex-votos that he places at the feet of artists (belonging to the field of painting, sculpture or literature) in gratitude for drawing inspiration from their works. He thus makes these artists do things that never really existed but help to embellish their legend.

Electric wires, which are usually hidden, here appear in broad daylight to clearly affirm that the first energy that illuminates and rewarms our daily lives comes from those who open our imagination with their artworks.

J.-B. Carpeaux (Valenciennes, 1827 – Courbevoie, 1875) erected a “Saint Francis whispering to birds” in Carrara marble. Every week, he used to place a small bag of seeds on the palms of the statue’s outstretched hands.

On the day of Carpeaux’s death, the saint’s forearms fell down, eaten away by birds droppings.


Chapeau Melon

René Magritte, one of the best-known surrealist painters, will try to demonstrate that we only glimpse the mystery of reality if we leave our usual and routine logic. His artworks often play on the discrepancy between an object and its representation.

Patrick Corillon