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No, no ! Only as fast as possible without stress


Jan Duerinck

Artist selected as part of the open call

30844 Rue Saint-Gilles

‘No, no! Only as fast as possible without stress’ plays on the conventional distinctions between art and utility. It features a hanging lamp, seemingly hand-drawn but computer-aided, casting light on its own fabricated elements. Paired with a non-functional bench held together by knee mats and F-clamps, it challenges the concept of comfort and transience. The enigmatic title, derived from a text message, prompts reflection on the elusive nature of rest in current times.

Two paintings of a wing mirror without reflection evoke the absence of looking back, focusing on the mirror as an object. This mirror symbolizes safety and control, probing the viewer’s role as a motorist, highlighting themes central to the artist’s work. ‘No, no! Only as fast as possible without stress’ beckons you to contemplate the paradoxes of comfort, the impermanence of rest, and power dynamics ingrained in the fabric of our modern world.