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L’été sera brûlant


Sarah Feuillas

Artist selected as part of the open call

3093 Rue de la Cathédrale

The memory of a disrupted summer when snow fell in the middle of a solar month. Like a photographic shot, these sculptures made up of natural materials, wax or macramé are brutally stopped in their movement. During a freeze frame, we see that the sunflowers are stopped from reaching the sun. Did the sun burn them to the point that their petals melted?

Is this scene the demonstration of an ecological upheaval where the seasons, disrupted in their yearly cycle, show that snow has fallen in the middle of summer?

I combine photography and sculpture in my work to fantasize about the possibility of reliving the photographic memory while standing inside the image. As an omniscient spectator, I would come to move through the captured scene and analyze what might have escaped me previously. Of the memories of my childhood, only vague snippets, fragments and very few photographs remain. To revisit this summer which has haunted me for several years, I decided to rebuild the scenery and accept approximations.

The weeping willow is made of a macramé weave that reminds me of childhood gestures, from scoobies to sailor bracelets. In the knotting process, this cotton swirl metamorphoses into a net.

Sarah Feuillas