Pluie N20, depuis la terre…


Collectif Nuiits Delphine Dubois and Juliane Lavis

Curator: Marjorie Ranieri

202Hôtel de la Cour de Londres 40 Rue Hors-Château

Through Nuiits, the anagram of in situ, Delphine Dubois and Juliane Lavis create installations from salvaged objects. While respecting their plastic and functional qualities, sometimes by outright magnifying their history, they poach these objects to modify their perception. Through a montage-story that reflects this intention, they endow them with a new dimension.

Memory, mutation, reconversion, lie, creation. They run behind the timeless collective history through our little split stories.

During the winter of 2019, on the way to work taken each morning, one of the artists is attracted by small cylindrical objects, both beautiful and intriguing, which litter the asphalt. Day after day, she picked them up, little metal shells that feed the contemporary chronicle of our cities. First, those she met on her way or along the sidewalks. Dozens every day. Then, those scattered on car parks or in the squares of Brussels or elsewhere. Hundreds of misused siphon gas cartridges for a few seconds of ecstasy.

Beyond the formal beauty of the object, what secrets do these cartridges conceal? Fleeting euphoria or bitter escape? Delphine and Juliane seize on these traces to tell a story that is both collective and clandestine. In this space-mirror, which is the window, this installation is in direct contact with the street, this theater of life that provided them with their material.


Marjorie Ranieri