Olivier Bovy

Open call

20185 Rue de la Cathédrale

Olivier Bovy lives and works in Liège. He questions the human body in his research and achievements. He addresses more precisely his position and his interaction with the world. Sober and enigmatic, his artworks function as aesthetic elements with a communication function. They indeed foster close contact and even active participation by the viewer.

For Art au Centre #9, the installation explores the links between sound and image while directly involving the observers in the reception of the artwork. It features a system made up of four inductors that bring sound to the showcase windows. The viewer is urged to stick his ear to the glass surface to discover the sounds while changing the listening point. This sound path allows him to create his own composition.

Images are displayed behind the window. They served as a source of inspiration for the sound production. Most importantly, they color the spectator’s listening by establishing a sound/image dialogue while presupposing sounds in the manner of vinyl cover illustrations.


Olivier Bovy