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Fermé aujourd’hui


Petra Herzog

Curator : Marie-Claire Krell

25716 Rue du Palais

Petra Herzog mainly works in the field of painting; in addition to mostly small-format works on canvas and collages, she develops large, space-related wall and textile works. In their execution, she references interior, design, and decor, opening up new spaces in familiar everyday reference systems. This shift of layers, of expectations and understanding, is essential for all of her artworks.

Herzog’s work Fermé aujourd’hui features a trompe-l’oeil created with tape on a storefront window. It functions as both a blind and a canvas, playing with abstraction and representational elements. The work references the stagnation and emptiness of stores that may never reopen. Herzog works with simple forms and materials and her works shine most, when almost overlooked. «fermé aujourd’hui» addresses the ambiguity and double entendre of emptiness and stillness, inviting the viewer to engage with these themes, right in front of an empty store window, in the center of Liège.

Marie-Claire Krell