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Uhoda Collection


Mark Melvin Cornelius Annor

Artworks of the Uhoda Collection

25025 Rue Saint Paul


Mark Melvin’s artworks invite the viewer to reflect through sentences that remain in the head for a long time. They remain in our memory, release subjective memories, and take on different meanings according to the viewer’s personal experiences.

In his installation Same again (A sign from Cyndi) he created in 2005, neon lights trace a text in a circle that lights up alternately in blue and pink. The words «Time after Time» turn constantly in a mechanical movement, a hypnotic game on the notion of repetition. The subtitle refers to Cyndi Lauper, a famous singer of the 1980s, and the memories that the artist keeps of her.




Cornelius Annor is a figurative painter who depicts daily life and is often inspired by childhood memories and family history (weddings, baptisms, birthdays, etc.): looking at Cornelius Annor’s work means turning the pages of a family album.

Inspired by the practice of British and Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare, his unique method of fabric transfer – which involves placing the fabric on the canvas for several hours – leaves a faded remnant of the motif on the canvas, like the sign of a collective memory.

A man in a blue shirt holding a video camera stands on the right side of the composition. This is Mr. Kwame Amponsah, aka Kwame Photooo, a very well-known photographer in Accra who attends all family events during festive times and has become a guardian of lost moments.