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La Troupe RONDALANO et la Troupe DUJARA


Shen Özdemir

Artist selected as part of the call for projects

2903 Rue de la Cathédrale

Shen Özdemir is a transdisciplinary artist who graduated in Sculpture from ARTS2 Mons. Her artistic work tells the story of KARNAVALO, an imaginary carnival foun-ded by herself in 2020. The intention of this carnival is to create an international human community through cultural syncretism. By imagining a shared narrative, hybridization and common language attempt to aim for total inclusion and peace within this folklore, giving rise to new cultural forms. The imaginary carnival does not belong to any territory and is made up of a multitude of troupes. Each troupe defines a family of happy heads and fuels the festivity and the abundance of this folklore. All these characters, by their size, their shapes and their colors, shrink us into a generous, lively and expressive universe. The utopia represented by KARNAVALO is an invitation to inclusion through peace, joy and above all diversity. La Troupe RONDALANO and la Troupe DUJARA are two families of KARNAVALO, respectively the 9th and the 13th. The first was exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Tournai during the city prize (winner of the International Prize and the Dasselborne Prize in 2022). The second was exhibited at the Biennale of Enghien in September 2022 in the Parc d’Enghien with the support of the Visual Arts Sector of the Province of Hainaut.

Shen Özdemir