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Machine chromatique


Jean-Paul Gaucher

Curator : Marjorie Ranieri

25531a Rue de la Cathédrale

Jean-Paul Gaucher studied painting and visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Liège. His work as a painter draws its inspiration from musical rhythms, the geometry of urban space and the atmosphere of cities.

His colorful geometric compositions resonate particularly with architecture and urban furniture (facades, bricks, windows, store shutters, etc.) that he enjoys photographing and compiling in his personal image collection to make them dialogue to create what he calls “urban poetry”. These elements become directly or indirectly a source of inspiration for his paintings. He has been active on the graffiti scene for a few years, which makes his connection with the street even tighter.

Jean-Paul Gaucher works mainly with salvage elements, both in terms of materials (usually wooden panels) and colors which are often industrial paints.

For Jean-Paul Gaucher, painting is a game. The main thing for him is to have fun while working in his studio.

Marjorie Ranieri