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Flaviu Cacoveanu

Curator : Arthur Cordier

2535 Place des Déportés

Flaviu Cacoveanu presents himself as a Con&Temporary artist. Having a cross-disciplinary practice, his works develop at the edges of photography, video, installation and performative interventions.

His practice is a promenade in the everyday, most commonly within our urban spaces. Through seemingly nonchalant, yet sharp and humorous observations he highlights the traces left by unnoticed inhabitants of the city, often insects, discarded items of consumption which all compile a portrait of the artist – as a reflection of his environment.

Flaviu’s practice often originates from within his phone, which he describes as an artist-run phone: a space where he takes notes and doodles ideas. His works are distinctive and intuitive.

By using language, playing with words and situations, his formal and conceptual ideas are a (self)reflection upon the current state of the world. Flaviu’s works have been recently exhibited at Parliament Gallery in Paris, Ivan Gallery in Bucharest and at the Art Encounters Biennial 2021 in Timisoara.

Arthur Cordier & Flaviu Cacoveanu