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Rebut Reboot


Xarli Zurell

 Open call

6411 Passage Lemonnier

« REBUT REBOOT is a set of paintings that result from a physical and photographic collection of scraps (domestic, movable, industrial…) that I have been conducting for a few years now, walking around town and countryside, in brownfield areas and garbage dumps. This research leads to a pictorial inventory of marginal shapes and elements stripped of their utilitarian function. A subjective cosmos of unnecessary and out of order thus spreads out. In order to replay the indecisiveness of the status of the scrap, I develop a certain stylistic fickleness and thus propose a representation of the collected objects that is sometimes realistic, then more graphic, schematic. Painting “reactivates” these abandoned shapes, gives them a new abstract and poetic role. It is a gesture of recycling.

In addition to my artistic practice, I have also been part of Brussels collective and exhibition center Grande Surface since 2018. »