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Vieux Soleil


Kristina Sedlerova-Villanen

 Open call

5931b Rue de la Cathédrale

« The store window I chose, located rue de la Cathédrale 31, is a filthy field rich in details – a well-preserved microcosm / landscape behind the glass window. I work with this site-specific system through small gestures that echo my ongoing artistic research on water management. I gently readjust the established order of the elements and add some carefully selected and processed components from the outside world that are in tune with the relativism of existence.

The complete catering – a scheme of elements is a sort of a scale model or a playground of a giant who is trying to direct and predict the movement of water. Gifting the lake, which blinds him and swallows hot sun over and over again.

At the moment I am doing artistic research on water rituals, property rights over the natural resources ; water sources and water management as a part of the preparatory work for the alternative urban space. The environment for metamorphosis towards new culture of relationships between humans and nature. In Liège I have been busy for a few months researching on human-built engineering constructions designed to control and manipulate the water flow – the uncontrollable in the large time-space frame.

I would like to thank les Ateliers Ravi, Joseph Deleuze, Alain De Clerck, Catherine Galimont and Guillaume Stassart, the Atelier des Tailleurs de pierre as well as The Ulysse Capitaine Library for their invaluable help in my artistic research on water management in Liège and the Finnish cultural foundation Arvo Vehviläinen for its generous support. »