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Endless fields


Agathe Gabrielle Delaite

Curator : Arthur Cordier

2314 Rue du Rêwe

Childhood drawings represent something special for those who produce them: they are placed there, between a clear and established present, and a piece that escapes from it, a bit like a dream. As it grows, this escape then becomes more discreet, more polished, more elaborate, well-dressed. It stands straight, changes tone, sometimes themes, and above all must arrive on time at work. However, this shift between responsibilities and formalities persists. Discreetly, nothing is very far, really, it is moreover totally there, present.

Agathe Gabrielle Delaite grew up in the Belgian countryside, surrounded by fields and farm dogs. She has been drawing since then and seeks to bring an idea of ​​slow and time-consuming image production through illustration. Like a soft and contrasting take on the fast and urgent production pace of everyday life, these illustrations are both detailed and discreet, stuck in notebooks, accompanied by small objects that are made or found intuitively.

Agathe Gabrielle Delaite