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Lissa Gasparotto

Artiste sélectionnée dans le cadre de l’appel à projets

232100 Rue Saint-Gilles

“Eyes in the forest as in an empty city

I lie on the sand like on crushed glass

I sink into the highway like into a waterless sea


Your veins swell inside the metal

A brick falls from the void into your belly

You sleep in a square field like the street


Feet trapped in the uranium coming out of the ground

I walk on bridges that never crumble

I don’t see the sky that eats its children


Staring at the red forest fire

I water the plants because they are real

I look at artificial flowers as if they were real


White foam on your face

You dive into the river like into a bathroom without electricity

You touch the rubber inside of you


Hands that light up cigarettes like hay

You observe the windows with people in them

You run your finger over the dough that comes out of the ATM



There is plastic that swells inside the fish

People on the train watching the fields from afar

A red stone around your neck like the marks of a hand

The seven colors of gasoline in rainwater


You haven’t come out of the ground yet.”

Eva Mancuso