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Tout doucement le corps danse


Caroline Glorie

Curator : Marjorie Ranieri

23314 Rue de la Sirène

What place can we take? What place should be taken? What place should we take? Sometimes the answers are barely visible, they are delicate, almost silent. Sometimes the place we can take is a way of laying our body down, of holding on to ourselves. It is a body which is there, which does not apologize, which makes daily gestures and which, by repetition, shapes a world.

Most of the time, when a woman is made visible in the public space, it is through her body and the attributes that our society identifies as feminine. What we see of this body is rigid and saturated with fixed representations. The mouth, for example, is reduced to an object of desire, but when it becomes a means of asserting oneself, this same mouth gets disturbing and the words it produces are pushed into the background.

The bet of this window is to expose female bodies in the public space and express their strength and their sensibilities without reproducing heteropatriarchal representations of power and beauty.  These drawings made with dry pastels originate from a work of color and suggestion. They enable us to articulate two ideas: both the independence of these women but also their solidarity facing the difficulties they have to go through.

Therefore, sometimes, very slowly, bodies dance.

Caroline Glorie et Marjorie Ranieri