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Niels Vraun

Curator : Pauline Salinas Segura

24911 Rue de Bex

Local trade has deserted the city center. The consumactor too: he orders his jacket in four different sizes, to pick the right one, the right color, (does the label scratch?), changes his mind and then returns the rest.

Carrefour Market, Proxy Delhaize, Okay and cie. are not in the same boat. They grow like mushrooms in the hypercentre and evolve with the codes of the convenience store. They become more compact and can then monopolize every corner of the block, every single segment of the city’s main roads. However, even with fruits and vegetables that are delicately placed in wicker baskets, they remain supermarkets. And their bosses are not mistaken.

Unlike these upper-middle-class premium stores, the kings of low prices seem too dirty, too precarious, too vulgar, to use the “markets” format. It is impossible for discount food to play on the communication ground of the very private club of mini markets. Avenir Market can. Avenir Market embodies the future of local trade: real online and fake in real life.

Niels Vraun