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Bram Van Breda

Open call

17031b Rue de la Cathédrale

Our search for prosperity has shaped the landscapes we live in and becomes present in the things we surround ourselves with, the infrastructures and houses we build, the stories we tell. While today the downside of this strive becomes apparent, we lose ourselves in excess or we try to escape reality and dream of imaginative worlds. The artistic practice of Bram Van Breda is a constant study on the spatial narratives within the process of image making, with a strong tactile approach.

In BONANZA a diorama of the near he presents the skyscraper as an icon of today’s urge for prosperity and the power of capitalism. The tapestry, depicting a future real estate project in the city Tilburg (NL), evokes the fairytale like storytelling of real-estate developers. Flexible like the materiality of the textile the landscapes deploy, are being mined, constructed and reconstructed. For Art au Centre #7 the work is presented together with Entangled Splendor, eight oversized ceramic pearls, which reflect their surrounding in emerald green.

Bram Van Breda