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Celle qui était là chez elle


Rozenn Veauvy

Artist selected as part of the call for projects

298159 En Féronstrée

9 o’clock, no one left. No more light, no more TV, not even a fir tree.
The blinds are closed all the way down.

With Celle qui était là chez elle, Rozenn Veauvy questions her vis-à-vis about her neighbor’s apartment. Initially a simple observation space, it becomes a place of life, a space that gives way to an almost theatrical mise-en-abime between three living rooms : that of Friends, where fiction resides and its characters who meet for 20 minutes during 236 episodes, without even thinking of this neighbor, alone in her living room who listens to them and observes them attentively. On the other side of the street, the artist – from her living room – observes her neighbor watching Friends. “The one who was there, at home, that was me, it was my episode of Friends. » Rozenn Veauvy adopts a style of writing that can be described as «capturing reality». Her artistic writing highlights the reality of everyday life, its banalities and its details that make images or spectacle.