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Lendemain de manifestation


Juliette Vanwaterloo

Artist selected as part of the call for projects

297141 En Féronstrée

The windows smashed during the protests suggest the violence of the confron-tation. This violence gives protesters a space to question the legitimacy of ins-titutional violence which is too often ignored and offers crowd violence food for thought. Repressive violence stems from this sequence and has been fueling my artistic work for several years. After each protest, each event, reactions of dis-may abound and circulate online regarding these outbursts. They are not only expressed by conservative minds but they are also relayed by protesters who criticize this “gratuitous” violence that harms the pacifism of the protests. These thoughts completely overshadow the fact that these excesses follow the logical course of things, they are only the rotten fruit of a much worse and subtle violence : institutional violence. Considering these protesting mechanisms as acts that harm the cause and the struggle means denying and hiding the mechanisms of oppression of these institutions. Condemning these acts as the only violence of these uprisings is becoming an accomplice of the system by accepting that this material violence is more unbearable than the violence and contempt of these patriarchal, sexist, racist, homophobic and xenophobic institutions.

Juliette Vanwaterloo