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Mégane Likin

Open call

164107 En Féronstrée

In this installation created by Mégane Likin, the window forms a counter space*. It offers itself inside and outside thanks to its large window and the blurred mirror that lies in the background, troubling off-screen of three backlit landscapes. The window becomes the privileged place where the inside is reflected in the outside and the passer-by in his thought. This space that appears open yet remains inaccessible. The hazy mirror leads us to the surrounding landscape that dialogues with the (meticulously) hooked little gardens. These landscapes, fixed or possibly moving, indoor windows, refer us to the horizon of everyone’s projections. They are the reflection of what is already not there anymore. Three similar stretches in all appearances whose simplicity carries us to the heart of the mystery.

« Strangeness and intimacy, melancholy and calming, concentration and relaxation, all in one piece. Landscapes, yet seemingly deserted and silent, seize you like whispering portraits. […] On closer observation nonetheless, and knowing it better, one gradually understands that it is not so much about contemplation, and that it is not really about the landscape in Mégane Likin’s work. […] Memory is not made of eternal immutable moments, as certain photography practices sometimes attempted to have us believe it. On the contrary, it is moving and undulating like a sky that gets created and annihilated by the clouds ; it gets closer to then leave again like a new sea ; it tirelessly redraws and rewrites, like everyone of us. And in the stiff and bald pine tree, under the solidified twig or the rare sand, for those who can hear it, everything moves, everything makes noise ; the least life hesitates, resists. » (Emmanuel d’Autreppe)

Mégane Likin’s work is supported by the Galerie Quai4 in Liège