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Harriet Rose Morley

Open call

1654 Rue du Rêwe

For the seventh edition of Art Au Centre, Harriet presents a new iteration of What do you do and, what do you do ? originally shown in at The Balcony The Hague in 2020. What do you do, and what do you do ? navigates the role of food and services within the arts as tools for conversational togetherness – which are now more precarious and under threat than ever before. Within the current climate, jobs which seemingly financially sustained artists, specifically within the Horeca sector, have become as unreliable as working as an artist itself.

The second iteration of What do you, and what do you do ? comes one year after the first edition in The Hague. What have we learned ? How are we supporting ourselves now ? How can we support each other in cycle of lockdowns and restrictions ? What recipes of care can we share as we go back into the unknown transitions of autumn ?

Over the period these tools of togetherness are on display, a call for soup recipes will be advertised on the vitrine. During the opening of Art Au centre, Harriet together with guest artists will host a dinner to further continue the conversation around What do you do and what do you do ?

Harriet Rose Morley is a transdisciplinary artist, builder, educator and facilitator. She works across the disciplines of (public) art, sculpture, spacial design and alternative education. Her work and projects often challenge our ideas of the function and role of art within public space and is often reliant on public interaction and collaboration through workshops, conversations and educational events. These, in turn, provide an accessible and inclusive insight into topics of urgency within art and public space such as the relationship between politics and art, social culture, care and therapy, self-organisation, alternative education, and self-build ideals. She was the first year long artist in resident at Hotel Maria Kapel (NL) was in residency in Can Serrat (ES) and recently produced projects for Plymouth Art Weekender 2020 (UK) and Glasgow International 2021 (UK).