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Michael Briglio-Nigro

Curator : Pauline Salinas Segura

34 Rue de la Cathédrale

Michael Briglio-Nigro composes images of heady phantasmagoria. This cinematography originates both from unexpected details springing from everyday life as well as from sittings, often at night (it goes without saying), in which he expresses an aesthetic symbiosis with his partner and muse, the photographer Marie-Valentine Gillard. Both a playground and a terrain for experimentation, these settings usher forth strange flat tints of colours and materials, generating a blurred sort of eroticism, a fraction of whose sparkle we perceive.

Though the elaboration of these photographs depends on both happy coincidence and a calculated process, it accomplishes first and foremost a single and same objective : the implementation of a form of mental epiphany : “I seek to create images that I want to see”. When the a vast array of neon light reflects on the shimmering of suave velvet or on stretched vinyl over a well-rounded buttock evocative of the flashy opulence of the 1980’s, the frequency of close-ups and the dividing up of bodies represent a wealth of hints that everyone can appropriate to build up their own fiction : a twilight love story in a night club in Rimini ; a creature from outer space ; the claws of the night with Ferrari coloured nails ; a broken mirror fanning the flames of deprivation ; a clue ; a fragment ; a deepening mystery.

Pauline Salinas Segura